The Barbelles Retreat is all ab0ut Y0U

There are three parts that makes the Barbelles Phuket Retreat quite different than any other retreat out there. You will get to know yourself really well. In fact, you may learn a few things about yourself that feels quite new to you. You may also find that the way to get past your current struggles are a lot easier than you could have ever imagined. Because you see, when we know WHO we are, we can understand WHY we do things in a certain way. That makes it easier to create long lasting transformation in YOU, rather than a short term change. The Barbelles Retreat is about growing yourself. Get to know your mind, grow your mind, move your body, and LOVE your body.


What's 0n the schedule?

You will experience a journey within yourself, through individual exercises, group coaching and one on one coaching. Together we will make the Goddess jump out of you! We will focus a lot on your body - getting it out of pain and discomfort to great movement and confidence. There will be strength training, muay thai, yoga and more - this is part of the exploration. We will move every day, in ways that are easy on the body and great for the mind.

The exploration isn't all in your head - we will also take a couple of days to change our environment completely. Why go to Thailand if you can't explore any of it's amazing scenery and culture? Thailand has a lot to offer - everything from islands, to massages, elephants, snorkelling, markets and last but not least, the FOOD.

We will all live together in one or two large villas with lots of room for everyone. There are several pools to enjoy and it's only a one minute walk from the beach. We will have our own private chef in the building who makes us delicious locally sourced Thai meals twice a day.